Denetra Asomugha

Refreshing, amusing, joyful and passionate – words best describing Denetra Asomugha, one of America’s leading jewel. Denetra is a dynamic prophetic teacher, filled with a great revelation knowledge of the deep mysteries of God taught with simplicity. She and husband Jeremiah Asomugha, founder and CEO of The House of God World Outreach, have labored together bringing souls into the Kingdom of God, through teaching and preaching the glorious gospel.

Denetra serves as Executive Director of The House of God World Outreach women’s ministry. She is the founder of Simple Truthe Encounters. A safe haven for women of all backgrounds with the purpose of teaching women how to love and live on God’s Word.

Denetra is a nurse and a remarkable, loving woman of God whose passion for the gospel of Christ, has been coupled with a strong desire to see women set free, healed and delivered. She is committed to helping women, discover their purpose and reach their highest potential in Christ.

In addition, but not the least of Denetra’s accomplishments is her love and care she gives to her husband and children. Her role as a mother and wife is her foremost responsibility and calling. She is a sought after conference speaker and ministers frequently with her husband Jeremiah Asomugha throughout the country.

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