Ministry Partners

thumbnailI want to personally thank you for Partnering with the House of God World outreach.

Partnership isn’t a one-time event. It’s a growing, thriving commitment where we both share in the benefits promised to us when we come together and spread the cause of Christ and further God’s Kingdom. In partnering with us, you are not just partnering with a Vision but you are also partnering with heaven. Your generous and faithful giving doesn’t only help us in reaching the world with the glorious gospel of Jesus through our broadcast, miracle crusades and ministry outreach, your giving also represents your voice in heaven.

In Acts 10 Cornelius helped to further the kingdom by building synagogues and feeding the poor, least did he know that heaven was keeping a record of his generosity. Because of his giving, God dispersed an angel to his home, saying to him “…your prayers and your GIFTS has caused God to remember you.” (Acts 10:4) As a result of that house call by the angel, Cornelius and his household heard the saving gospel of Jesus preached to them and they were all saved that day. Where Cornelius voice could not go, his gift went and heaven put its transaction on hold to attend to his need.

Beloved, just like Cornelius, as you partner with us in prayers and your generous giving, heaven is keeping record and your gift will speak wherever your voice is silent.Your giving will trigger angelic host, not just for you but for your household and generations to come.

Together, we run against the troop of the enemy and by our God we leap over walls of obstacles. (Psalm 18:29) Bringing healing, deliverance and salvation to a needy world.

From my heart, I say THANK YOU and welcome to the “Global Partner” family.

In His Vineyard,
Pastor Jeremiah Asomugha