Restoring Nepal

Restoring Nepal 1 family at a time

As I walked the streets of Kathmandu in October of 2014, the street were littered with idols. Right there and then I knew without a shadow of a doubt the reason why the Lord had commanded us to go to Nepal and declare the land for Jesus Christ.

The people, so full of Love and compassion worship these idols religiously. Instantly I was reminded of Acts 17:22-23 as Paul walked around Athens and saw the people religiously worshiping what they called the unknown god.

For seven days we ministered the power of God and the Love of Jesus Christ to the precious people of Nepal and they received the Word with gladness. Some of them I was informed walked 6 hours on foot to come and hear the name of Jesus been declared to them with power, as we ministered in the mountain areas. I immediately fell in love with the people of Nepal and wept over the city. Right then Jesus spoke to my heart and said “Nepal will be known as the most powerful Christian nation in the Asian continent.”

Seeing the devastation that happened in that country, as a ministry we are dedicated in not only preaching the Gospel to the beautiful people of Nepal but also to help restore families that have been affected by this devastating earthquake by providing shelters.

Our goal is to provide shelter for a minimum of 5000 families, who were affected. The mission ahead of us seems impossible but according to the Word of God in psalm 18:26 “With your help I can advance against a barrier, with my God I (we) can leap over a wall.

As you partner with us to accomplish this mission, you are fulfilling the scripture whoever is kind to the poor lends to the Lord, and he will reward them for what they have done. Proverbs 17:19

Beloved, your living is not just a help to man but according to the s scripture you are lending to the Lord and He who can do exceedingly, above and beyond what you can ever imagine will surely repay you back. Thank you for helping us restore Nepal 1 family at a time.