Upper Room News Letter 6/28

Upper Room News Letter 6/28

Beloved, what an increased glory we experienced in the previous Upper Rom Encounter! There is an infilling of Great Power as we continue to gather and receive revelation knowledge from on High! Pastor Jeremiah started with a brief recap of our last Encounter’s revelation on the power God has given man which allows us to walk in dominion power (KRATOS). Building a firm foundation as he injected the soil of our hearts with revelation knowledge of the next level of power, EXOUSIA!

This is the power that gives us supernatural jurisdiction, delegated authority. This is given to an individual by a higher authority than them, to stand or represent not themselves but the entity, country or kingdom which delegated the authority. It is the dimension of power that allows a police officer irrespective of their physical stature, to stand in the middle of the road and by a simple wave of hand can bring a moving vehicle weighing thousands of tons to a complete halt. Like the drivers on the road knows the officer has jurisdiction authority over them, so also satan and his little agents knows that you the believer has jurisdiction authority over them and must seize operating at the mere sight of you. Jesus said;

“I have given you Exousia (authority) to trample on serpents (devils) and scorpions (demons) and over all the power of the enemy (satan) and nothing shall by any means hurt you.” – Luke 10:19.

Pastor went further and declared, “Exousia guarantees your victory! Remember it is not a privilege, Exousia is your God given right.”

After this firm foundation was laid, Pastor Jeremiah began exposing how the enemy’s power is only to deceive man (Rev 12:9) The power delivered to satan remains with him because the word says the gift is without repentance. While satan functions from delegated power, we saints are in the Trinity and function in the power. This power is not delivered to us, it is in us!! At this declaration, the audience erupted with shouts of victory.

“You are not created to fight challenges; you are created to eat them like bread! (Numbers 14:9). Expand your Exousia, by growing in the word (Kratos). When you grow in Exousia you longer lament over your problems, you levitate over them. You no longer complain about them, you proclaim over them!”

When you operate in Exousia, failure will not know your address! As the teaching concluded, the room was filled with the manifested, tangible glory of the Lord that there was no need of laying hands. Pastor captured this moment and declared the name of JESUS, at the mention of that name burdens began to be lifted, yokes broken, instantaneous deliverance as the Spirit touched the hearts of the people. The more the name was mentioned the thicker the glory was. There is power in the name of JESUS! Declare the name of JESUS now for your situation.

Remember, the church was born for the miraculous, it is our DNA. We don’t seek the miraculous, we live in the miraculous. We encourage you to come early as June was only our second Encounter and we had standing room only as even the walls seem to cry out for more of God!