Wake Up Belize for the Glory of God Recap

Wake Up Belize for the Glory of God – Dec 7th and 8th Recap

Thank you, Thank you, generous partners! Your faithful giving sent House of God World Outreach (HOGWO) as a seed into the ground of Belize to Wake up a Nation to the Glory of God!! In one of the services, Pastor Jeremiah shared the story of Cornelius from Acts chapter 10. The bible says that Cornelius’s prayers and alms went up as a memorial to God and angels were dispatched on his behalf. As the people of Belize responded to the word and began giving from their hearts’, Pastor Jeremiah looked at the seeds of the people and prophetically declared;

This is not money. This seed that you have sown is a voice. What is this voice saying to God on your behalf?

Just as this word was released over Belize, we release this word into the lives of our partners. Your alms, partners, have risen as a memorial to God. As you sow your seeds into this ministry, we encourage you to assign a voice to your seed that it would speak to God on your behalf. Acts 10 also says that Cornelius’s prayers went up as a memorial to God. We want to share with you what your prayers and alms allowed us to accomplish for the Kingdom in the Nation of Belize.

The first night of the awakening, Pastor Jeremiah shared,

Isaiah 60:1 “Arise, shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the Lord rises upon you.”

It was not long after ministering on the Glory of the Lord rising upon us, that the Lord began to accompany the word with demonstrations of power. One of the most intimate displays of the grace of God’s unfailing pursuit of us was when an elderly man who appeared to be homeless came forth for salvation. When asked how he heard about the awakening, he simply replied, “I heard the shouts!” He followed the sound of heaven being released over a nation and received his salvation! The night continued with multiple prophecies concerning the nation and prophecies exhorting the local pastors in their kingdom authority.

After the nation was issued an instruction to Arise, that the Glory of God had risen upon them the first night of the awakening , Pastor Jeremiah ministered on “How to Move from One Dimension to Another,” the second night. From the time we arrived on the camp grounds, you could literally feel that the ground of the nation was pregnant with expectation. As Pastor Jeremiah ministered on Dimensional elevation, he shared on the importance of prophetic vision as paraphrased below:

The Lord took Abraham outside to show him the stars so he could get a prophetic vision of his calling.

“The extent of your vision is the boundary of your blessing.”

Moving from one dimension to another requires more than just believing a prophecy. It requires a graduation from believing to knowing. If someone asks you your name you wouldn’t respond, “I believe its Sam.” You would respond from a place of knowing, “MY NAME IS SAM!” Moving to the next dimension requires that same knowing. God told Abraham in Genesis 15 that the Israelites would stay in Egypt 400 years but we find they were not released from Egypt until the 430th year. Their failure to move from believing to receiving gave Pharaoh 30 extra years of free, back-breaking labor.

However, David when faced with the challenge of Goliath went from believing to knowing instantly and stepped into the next level, “Announcing,” when he began telling Goliath what he was going to do to him. Pastor Jeremiah concluded with Joshua 6:2 when the Lord instructed Joshua to prophetically see. “2 Then the Lord said to Joshua, “See, I have delivered Jericho into your hands, along with its king and its fighting men.” As with the first night, the Lord accompanied the word with demonstrations of power as healings manifested and prophetic words concerning the nation continued to flow.

Partners, when you sow into this ministry, you travel with us to the nations. The lives that have been and will continue to be transformed by the power of God will be charged to your heavenly account. We cannot thank you enough! Know that we are praying in agreement with Gods will for the voice of your seed!!

In closing, HOGWO would like to personally thank all the pastors who came together to orchestrate this awakening and to you we prophetically release the commanded blessing of the Lord from Psalms 133

Behold, how good and how pleasant it is For brethren to dwell together in unity!… For there the Lord commanded the blessing…

Pastors, this word blessing means to be the source of blessing, prosperity, to be the praise of God, to be a gift and a treaty of peace. Behold Pastors of Belize; we declare the commanded blessing of the Lord over your personal life and ministry. That you would not only walk under the blessing, but that you may have uninterrupted access to the source of the commanded blessing both to enjoy, and to reproduce in those given to your charge. May prosperity be yours and your congregations that you would be to the praise and boast of God Himself. May you be a gift that God gives to others always and may you initiate, execute and maintain treaties of peace to those God releases you to in Jesus Name!

In His Service,
House of God World Outreach